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Life, inspired: Get The Look: Retro Rattan
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Get the look: Retro Rattan

Praised for its versatility in almost any decorating style, rattan is making a comeback and we are totally here for it.

No longer just a worn-out remnant of the 1970s – rattan décor is back, and we couldn’t be more pleased about it. If you’ve been anywhere near a furniture store recently, you’ll most definitely have noticed a rattan renaissance.

Originally, rattan was defined as the stem of a certain kind of palm used to make furniture. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see the term ‘rattan’ used to describe any type of material – natural or synthetic – that has a twig or stick-like quality.

Irrespective of your decorating style, rattan’s biggest drawcard is versatility. Pair it with bright whites, macramé, and potted palms, and you’ve got yourself one very dreamy coastal boho look. Used as an accent, it’s perfect for rustic farmhouses or Hamptons-style homes. 

Feature furniture

The trick with rattan is to not overdo it; otherwise, your room may end up looking like a tree-house. If your budget permits, we recommend selecting a few key pieces of furniture or, alternatively, accentuating what you’ve already got with some smaller decorative items.

Add that natural earthy allure to your living space for years to come with the Atlanta 2-Door Rattan Display Cabinet from Bunnings Warehouse, featuring natural woven rattan and Mindi Wood. Handcrafted by gifted artisans reigning from Indonesia, the pinhole design of the weave, perfectly teases the silhouette of the items tucked away “behind closed doors”.

 Balmy afternoons and beachside vibes

Rattan is excellent for bringing that beachside vibe, and its natural look goes hand in hand with outdoor spaces. Style rattan outdoor furniture with big cushions to create a laidback sun-lounging area.

The Azul Lounge Chair from Barbeques Galore is perfect for relaxing on a hot summer’s day. Crafted from a combination of round and flat all-weather wicker to achieve a natural rattan look but with the durability of a synthetic product. The generous water resistant cushions are as comfortable as they are stylish. 

Natural interior

There’s nothing better than coming home and feeling relaxed after a long day. Think of your favourite holiday away, where was it? In nature? Mountains, beach or country? Wherever it is, it’s not as difficult or pricey as it may seem to make your home feel like those dream locations.

Bring the feeling of nature into your home by incorporating wooden accents like a bedside table or a woven rattan pendant from your ceiling. These additions will not only brighten your home but welcome in a feeling of calm, because who isn’t at peace when you’re in a wide open space in nature? 

Notice the walls

On-the-floor furniture is important but that’s not where it has to stop. Your walls need some love too! There’s unlimited ways to dress up an empty wall space, and it’s up to you to decide how to do that.

A smart way is to get a tall shelf and decorate it with sentimental knick-knacks, random collectibles or a bunch of your plant babies.

Alternatively, make your home a mini art gallery and invest in some quality prints to cover your walls in, making for interesting talking points as well as ultimately adding interest everywhere you look. If you love art but the bright colours are a bit much for you, go for a muted black and white print instead to bring in the interest but keep the calm.

  1. Brilliant Harbour DIY Plug In Rattan Pendant $149, Bunnings
  2. Artbox Andalusian Horse Mist $119, Harvey Norman
  3. Trek Bookcase $499, Snooze
  4. Asher Woven Baskets set of 3 $199.95, Harvey Norman
  5. Fitzroy Bedside Table $499, Snooze

 Add some plant stand pizzazz

Is your space lacking life? Rattan is a great option when looking to bring an organic element into your home. Planters are a nice, understated way of adding rattan without going overboard, making them the perfect choice for minimalist spaces too!

Give your plants the stylish home they need with the Ace Large Rattan Planet from Harvey Norman. Designed with black metal plywood and bamboo rattan, this planter protects your flora with a round basket, while tripod legs elevate them for a contemporary touch. 

Make those steps towards that rattan-style home in-store today!